With Failure Comes Fearlessness with Dominique Broadway

In this episode, Danielle is joined by her Aquarian sister and 8-figure award winning finance educator, Dominique Broadway

If at any point you’ve lost hope in your entrepreneurial journey because of an unexpected loss in revenue or felt like you were ill equipped because you didn’t manage your money properly, this episode is a MUST. Dominique opens up to the SINCE3000 audience about becoming a well renown personal finance advisor to going to broke to rebuilding it all to $8.5 MIL. Her journey to hitting rock bottom, her house going into foreclosure, and her car even being repossessed and how she built it all back.

She reminds us all to embrace that you can “undercharge yourself into being broke.” You can be so focused on your clients that you forget to focus on yourself. 

Dominique helps us embody that sometimes failure may be the very thing that puts us in a fearless space to climb to the top because we now know what the bottom looks like and we refuse to go back. No matter where you are in your journey or what you’re faced with financially or personally this vulnerable episode with Dominique Broadway will require you to focus on only what you can control and embody your future self.

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Quotables from this episode

I’m going to keep my word to myself, My word is important and my opinion of myself is important. And the way to strengthen my opinion of myself is to keep my word to myself.”


“I was ok with letting myself down, but not letting other people down. Imagine what happens when I start giving myself that kind of respect.”  


“It starts where first we own our story. That’s the first thing. We see that as valuable. By owning our story we can create a product around it. And then we’re able to spread it to the community but we have full ownership of the company, the product, and the profit around that.”

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