EP6: Welcome to the Plot Twist

Danielle talks a lot about the power of your story, but in the last few years, as she tells the story attached to her brand, Danielle realized her narrative is stuck in time. So what happens when your shared story no longer says who you are but who you were?

Tune in as your host gives you all the smoke and shares her recent story decoupling. Leaning into being the executive director of her life, Danielle is not only releasing the versions of herself getting in her own way but is creating, complicating, and expressing new stories in real time. 

So what story are you stuck on? And what plot twist will you bring to your new narrative? It is plot-girl summer after all!

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Quotables from this episode

“When I’m sitting at the dinner table, when I’m calling up my friends, when I’m FaceTiming, what material do I have if I haven’t lived? And when I say lived, I mean living and breathing and ducking and plot-twisting.”

“We are the creative directors, the executive producers, of our lives and of every moment.”

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