Unlocking the Magic of Life with Nick Onken

You’ve probably seen his work without even realizing it. Iconic photographs of celebrities like Justin Bieber and Usher. Advertising work for brands like Nike and Coca-Cola. Editorial shoots for Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan. A man of many skills, talents and a self-proclaimed Creative Alchemist, Nick Onken joins this episode of Since3000.

But we aren’t here simply to discuss celebrities and photo shoots…

Listen in as Nick and Danielle talk breathwork, plant medicine, identity alchemy, and so much more in this dialogue about activating your superpowers and unleashing the magic in life.

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Quotables from this episode

“We are divinity just wanting to express and experience this life to the fullest. But we’re the ones that create the limiting beliefs.”

“I was finding all my self-worth in being a photographer and who I was shooting, what I was shooting, and realizing that my ego identity was so attached to that. And that’s why I crashed with my business.”

“Once you learn how to surrender and let go, that’s where the Enlightenment lives. It’s the death in between.”

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