EP1: Welcome to SINCE3000

Welcome to the premiere episode of SINCE3000!

Danielle Leslie, a.k.a. The Millionaire Maker, this podcast will take you on a journey of collapsing time and discovering your past, present, and future selves.

From understanding and exploring Web3.0 and NFTs, to breaking the barrier between spirituality and business – Danielle brings you along with her as she navigates the transitional phase that many of us find ourselves in.

In this podcast, you will experience a whole lot of relearning and unlearning as we shift from the Newtonian Age to the Quantum Age, and discover what it means to create your own WELLTH – well-being and wealth.

So tune in to this episode to find out what SINCE3000 is all about, what to expect from Danielle herself and her amazing guests, and how you can emerge WELLTHY, utterly inspired, and fully in demand!

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Quotables from this episode

“You know, the future is amazing. But what happens when we actually recognize that the lessons of the past, the awareness of the present, and the certainty of the future all come together?”

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