The SINCE3000 Artist Residency is a 6-month program that begins with our SINCE3000 Artist Accelerator in New York in April 2022. Each SINCE3000 Artists receives a Genesis Collection NFT, a seat in our Genesis Group, and lifetime profits from the Genesis Collection. You will become part of the SINCE3000 Artist Collective Wallet that receives payouts from the Collection in perpetuity.


The residency brings today’s biggest believers and creators in person for 10 days and virtually for the next 6 months to bring our SINCE3000 universe to life.

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We’re looking for:

  • 3D Artists: You have a portfolio of 3D avatar and fashion designs you’ve been waiting for the world to see. You design with the African Diaspora in mind and are a storyteller at heart.
  • Filmmaker: You have mini-documentary-style films and are ready to capture the making of the SINCE3000 Genesis Collection. You want a front row seat to illuminate the day-to-day questions and creations of the SINCE3000 Team. 
  • Social Media Producer: You have a portfolio of innovative graphic designs and reels that captivate and move audiences while telling short-form stories. You’re excited to bring the SINCE3000 vision to life across Twitter, IG, and TikTok.   
  • Fashion Designers: You have an existing fashion line that introduces innovative silhouettes and a new point of view. You create designs for people who take up space with their ideas and ambitions. You’re ready to turn our 3D designs into real world clothing items that our Collectors receive with the purchase of their NFT.

The outcome of the residency is increased connection to your art, skills, and calling. You’ll participate in closed sessions with guest speakers and mentors to help SINCE3000 Artists-In-Residence produce the avatars, 3D and real world fashion designs, and storyline that will be the foundation of the SINCE3000 Genesis Collection. The SINCE3000 Media Team will document and share the creation process because we believe in transparency and sharing our journey to help the next generation collapse time and do it faster than we did.

About Us

who we are

We are Time Travelers, Agents of Being, and we specialize in reminding us all that we have everything we need. We are The First—first generation, first born, first in our families to build worlds in web2 and soon web3. 

We have collectively helped over 10,000 people uncover their stories, create communities around their missions, and start businesses that write a new narrative through education and visual storytelling. We’ve generated over $20M in the process, and we’re just getting started. 

We see you as your highest self and invite you to see yourself as the same.

Danielle Leslie

Danielle Leslie is a believer in infinite possibilities. She’s an NFT Collector, investor in Yuga Labs, and the creator of Course From Scratch. Her roots are in online education and was employee #27 at Udemy. She’s been called the “Millionaire Maker” by Forbes and a “unicorn” by Afrotech for growing her bootstrapped business to over $20M in 4 years. She’s spoken for Meta, Afrotech, BlogHer, Teachable, Kajabi, and more. She lives in Brooklyn, NY and is motivated to bring artists, innovators, and business pioneers together with the SINCE3000 Collection, Artist Residency, and Culture Add Fund.   


Email hello@danielleleslie.com to inquire or say hello! You can also connect with us on Twitter @SINCE3000NFT



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