EP2: New Ceilings Require A New Identity, Behind The Scenes with Jessica Hurley

We all know Danielle, the Serial Entrepreneur; Danielle, the Millionaire Maker; Danielle, the creator of Course from Scratch – but every new ceiling requires a new identity, and for the longest time, Danielle had hit her highest and could no longer see a future she could create.

And for the first time ever, Danielle had to face the most terrifying question:

How do I get out of self-judgment, loneliness, and, worst of all, the hopelessness of reaching my full potential?

In this episode, Jessica Hurley, host of the Rich in Real Life podcast, switches seats with Danielle Leslie and takes a deep dive into Danielle’s journey of being a student once again as she embraces her seasons of silence to integrate the lessons she had learned and to finally put them into practice.

So join us in this episode to find out how she made her pivot into her fully-expressed self, time travel with Danielle to 10 years from now, and get to know the Danielle from the future. It’s time to go behind the scenes with Danielle from SINCE3000.

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